Family Law and De Facto Law

Relationships are never easy and when they breakdown it can be highly stressful and emotional and this can be so much worse when there are children. There are usually so many questions. Do I need to get a divorce now? What am I entitled to? Can I keep the house? Do I have to pay any maintenance or child support, what arrangements are going to be made in relation to the children?

We offer caring advice and support during this difficult time.

Our focus is to ensure that a settlement is achieved as quickly and amicably as possible and without the need to have a contested case.

We are extensively involved in mediation and the negotiation of cases, with our aim being to achieve a settlement which is both fair and reasonable.

If you do need to go to court to resolve your differences, you will have quality representation, advice and guidance through all of the complex steps involved in a court case.

Children's issues call for that extra sensitivity and understanding. We offer you support and legal advice in relation to children's matters including matters of care and residence, financial support and contact issues with parents, guardians, grandparents and third parties.

Of course we will be able to help you if you are at the point where not only do you need to sort out the property issues but you wish to finally end the marriage and apply for a Divorce. We will also give you advice and encourage you to review your estate planning and the impact of a separation or divorce on your will.

If at any time you are the victim of domestic violence we can offer support and help you to obtain the protection that you will need.

Our highly qualified and experienced Lawyers will offer you caring support and legal assistance with every aspect of your family Law matter.